Welcome to NKP – National Conservative Party of SA

Be part of the movement and take part in building a better future
for our country! Take part in this historic campaign and stand up
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Our Mission

NKP continues the centuries-old tradition of our Afrikaner freedom struggle by demanding immediate cultural self-determination for the Afrikaner, as well as a restoration of our sovereignty through external self-determination within the foreseeable future.


Our party does not consist of professional politicians! Our entry into party politics is therefore not motivated by greed, corrupt intentions, a treacherous urge or sleeping sickness on the parliamentary benches.

Our Goal

NKP provides a small, effective and professional public service, in which politicians play a policy-making and decision-making role, towards an operational executive public service that can provide service delivery without political interference.

With regard to the further aspects of our policy, it can be divided under the following headings:

Christian values and civilized norms

In humble acknowledgment to Almighty God, Disposer of the destinies of peoples and nations, who have gathered our ancestors from many lands and settled them here in their own; who determined their ways through generations, who led them so miraculously through dangers; declares that we are aware of our responsibility to God and to mankind; to uphold Christian values and civilized norms, with recognition and protection of freedom of religion and worship.


We are currently excluded from the state on the basis of race and language. However, Afrikaners, including Afrikaans schools, churches and other institutions, have shown that we do not need the state. That is why we advocate a free economy with a simplified tax system based on a uniform tax rate of 20% for both companies and individuals.

Free enterprise and small business must be encouraged, while socialism and monopolies must be combated.

The state’s role in the economy must be limited to stimulating research and development, as well as resolving disputes as quickly and at low cost through a well-functioning and corruption-free legal system.

Language and culture

The Afrikaner is traditionally set on Standard Afrikaans and the maintenance of high aesthetic standards with regard to literature, theater, ballet, opera and classical music. We will therefore, as in the past, create an environment in which the arts can flourish in Afrikaans, while debate and free expression of speech will be encouraged.

The damage done to Afrikaans under British domination in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as the language discrimination and anglicisation policy of the past 20 years, will be eradicated as soon as possible by establishing programs in schools and other public institutions. Standard Afrikaans will be promoted locally and abroad and anglicised Afrikaners will be encouraged to rediscover their own language and send their children to our high-quality Afrikaans schools.

Also in architecture and fine arts, high standards will be encouraged and new property developments will be subject to aesthetic and architectural standards to ensure that kitsch and unsightly colonial imitations are combated. In architecture, there will be a return to indigenous Afrikaner forms, as well as the roots of Afrikaner modernism developed in the 1950s and earlier by the Pretoria school.

Foreign Affairs

NKP will pragmatically promote Afrikaner interests in its foreign policy. At present we have no objection to the inclusion of South Africa in the BRICS group. We also strive for good relations with our tribal countries such as the Netherlands, Flanders, France, Germany and Scotland. Due to Russian support for national sovereignty against attempts to establish a new imperialism in the world, we will similarly strive to maintain good relations with Russia where there is still a lively interest in the Afrikaans language and culture.

As far as the Middle East is concerned, we support a two-state solution for Israel, together with Palestinian self-determination. Because we pursue our own self-determination, we grant it to every other people on earth.
In general, we regard the respect for the sovereignty of each country as a recipe for world peace and regard our imperial interference, for whatever reason, as a violation of international law and something contrary to common sense.

As has been the case throughout history, we as Afrikaners strive for good relations with neighboring countries, something that applies to the whole of Africa. In addition to countries in Southern Africa, good relations and dialogue with both West and North Africa will be promoted.


The crime and violence crisis will be addressed by launching community safety actions without delay and encouraging responsible private gun ownership. Once its own territory is acquired, the commandos will be restored to guarantee rural security and the police will be subject to strict training standards, as was previously the case under Afrikaner governments. Cooperation between the police and Afrikaner community security groups, as well as private security companies, will be encouraged.

No companies with a majority foreign shareholding will be allowed to operate security in any Afrikaner area.


The aim of Afrikaans education is to pass on our culture to the next generation in the broadest sense and to equip pupils and students with the necessary skills to be economically successful.

In collaboration with existing Afrikaans educational institutions, teachers’ unions and cultural organizations, a comprehensive reorganization of our education will be undertaken to educate our people for the twenty-first century. The two subjects on which most teaching time will be spent are Afrikaans and mathematics. History, which includes Afrikaner history, will be a compulsory subject in all schools. In addition, innovative new teaching methods will be used to unlock the Internet and technology for students.


The Voortrekker Monument is already the most visited tourist attraction in South Africa. A comprehensive marketing campaign will be launched to market our monuments, holiday resorts, game farms, game parks and historical attractions to tourists. Special emphasis will be placed on our own cuisine, attractive outdoor life and hospitality. Hotels, guest houses and restaurants will also be encouraged to include Afrikaans everywhere on menus, notices and in their choice of brand names, in order to enhance the unique Afrikaans experience for the foreign tourist.

Environmental issues

The damage to the environment by poor municipal management, as well as predatory capitalism by mining houses, is regretted. Following a comprehensive study on environmental damage, steps will be taken to repair the environment, stop pollution and implement a sustainable environmental policy


As every thinking Afrikaner already realizes, our time in South Africa is running out. The aggression of the radical elements in our country is rising by the day; this even acknowledges foreign foreigners who have so far seen the ANC as the panacea for all political problems. The rand and the state coffers will be increasingly destroyed from here on out. There is already great poverty and unemployment among Afrikaners.

NKP’s policy is the only rational response to the crisis of existence we face.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

– George Orwell